I created a simple iPhone app to study the cognitive potentials of the human brain (auditory evoked potential P300). I call this application «NeuroLatency».

English is not my native language, so I apologize if something is not completely clear written in this letter.

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The app for entertainment and science purposes only. The app is not applicable to medicine. If you want to use the app for medicine — you must go to your doctor.

1) program purpose

— measurement and evaluation of cognitive evoked potential P300

2) order actions

— on this iPhone, you need to turn on Bluetooth

— put the gadget on your head and turn it on.

— in the program select the Test tab, select your device in the list of available devices.

— check the contact of skin

— please, press the button with the name «START?». after that, the program will play various stimuli (sounds with a frequency set in the settings)  and the number of the current era will be displayed on the button.

— the user needs to press a button when the target stimulus sounds

— the target stimulus will sound like this

— the deviant stimulus will sound 

— the ordinary stimulus will sound 

— after the number of epochs specified in the settings, the program proceeds to display the results on the «RESULT» tab

3) evaluation of results

— the graph on the Result tab shows the target stimuli a red line, the deviant stimuli  a dashed line, the rest of the stimuli  a blue line

— the user can publish the result of the study by clicking on the «share the result» button

4) tips and tricks

— the test result will be much more accurate if the user is in a relaxed state and with eyes closed

— the test is best carried out in a calm environment (silent room) and use headphones

5) artifact causes and incorrect test results

— blinking eyes and movement of facial muscles

— poor skin contact or dry skin at the site of contact